Monday, July 18, 2016

Alex Letter 7/18/2016

Zion National Park

Neilsen's Frozen Custard

Rose's first swim!

Updates, updates. We went to St. George with the family, and it was very fun. We played lots of fun games. I love that we are all such good friends as siblings! Everyone was very helpful with the kids. I wish I could live with 8 adults helping me all the time :) Anna and I went on some very exciting tube rides until she BETRAYED me and pushed me off the tube even after our truce. Derek got a little political in our discussions, but it was all good. I think. Scott allowed me to touch his beard and tormented me with tales of tonsil stones. Nate tried to coach me through an ab workout, but I was too weak :( Garrett made the family some very very tasty spaghetti. And Mom and Dad played with the kids at the pool, though Mom and Lizzie had a little bit of a falling out. I think they're all good now.

It is weird how much harder my life is than everyone else's. LOL that sounds very conceited. I just mean, when everyone else is going to bed, I have already been working for like 2 hours getting 3 other people ready for bed: diaper changes, baths, pajamas, putting in to bed, re-putting in to bed, nursing, etc. And it's like everyone else is just moving in slow motion: "OOKKKAAAYYY, I FEEEEEL TIIIRED. I'll just walk myself upstairs and take off my own clothes and lay myself on to a bed and just be unconscious for 8+ hours without thinking of anyone but myself." I feel like I'm living 4 to 5 lives at the same time, because I think of everything I have to do, plus everything Jack and Lizzie and Rose need (and each of them need a lot more than one adult) and then I have to think about Garrett too. It's too many lives. 

Anyway, what I am saying it was a really fun trip, but living with 6 childless adults made me realize even clearer how much work kids are. 

But they also make everything more fun! I bought fun sand toys for them to play with and they were SO EXCITED about them! Much more excited than an adult would be about like even the most exciting thing in their life. Like "yay, it's my wedding day" and they saw the $4 toy and were like "OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU MOM! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!"

I spoke to a polygamous in the St. George Walmart, and it was pretty thrilling.

We got some really really good custard in St. George. Next time you shall try it.

An update on my weight loss: Still none. I am ashamed how much of my life I think about my weight and my squishy body. It doesn't really matter, but it still consumes like 80% of my free thoughts. 

Jack has completed Lesson 1 of "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons". Do you think he'll be able to read when you get home? I'll keep you updated on his progress. 

Lizzie is very sweet and cute. She played peek a boo with all the people on the shuttle bus in Zion National Park. She also told me to "Shut Uh"  and the guy in front of me on the shuttle bus was like "It could be worse". Thank you sir.

Rose still has such a stuffy nose! She struggles to eat and sleep because she can't breathe. Poor little girl. She did a big smile yesterday and it made her eyes all squinty and I started crying. It was so cute.

Garrett went on a run with me in St. George! 2.5 miles! And he said "Never again". 

Alright, enough about us. Oh, Anna was wearing one of your shirts last week (don't be mad at her) and her hair is all long now, and Jack was like "Oh, Alex! Hi Alex!" but then Anna turned around he was like "Oh, hi Anna!" I thought it was funny how casually he said "hi" to you. Time is so different for small children.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alex Letter 6/27/2016

Dear Alex,

I'm so happy you are having cambios! I hope your next companion is great. Here are some updates:

We got a swingset! I bought it off of KSL and I kind of regret it.It is much rustier than it looked in the pictures. But we got to the guy who was selling it and he was very scary. He lived in a trailer and had a bandana and a Rottweiler. So we still bought it. The kids love it!

We got a fence! So now our lovely dirt and weeds are semi-blocked from the view of strangers and neighbors. I'm a little sad because now Jack can't run over and play with the neighbors. We'll have to actually knock on the door and ask them to play. And we know that isn't going to happen.

The Barbers come on Friday! And we just got a new bed for them. Garrett's parents ordered a queen bed and had it delivered to us. Which is great!

I ran 3.7 miles one day last week! I was very happy about that. 

Lizzie's new favorite phrase is "Shut Up." Jack taught her to say it and now she won't stop. Jack loves telling on her to try and get her in trouble.

Rose sleeps for 4 hour stretches at night which is fantastic. She is probably my fussiest baby in the day though. She cries quite a bit. It starts to wear me out.

I've been ordering these pre-packaged meals. They are really fancy ingredients that are already portioned out and I just follow the instructions and make these crazy awesome meals. My goal this year is to eat fish, and I have made salmon twice and SHRIMP tacos! And I ate them!!! I'm just so proud of myself. Look at what I can accomplish if I put my mind to something.

We went up to the canyon with everyone and it was very fun. Jack kept wanting to go into the forest for "adventures" and he kept assuring us there were no monsters. He saw his friend Hadley (Kelli's daughter) there. I love Hadley...I think she is a good match for Jack.

Rose is getting blessed on Sunday. I'll send you pictures!

Love you!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alex Letter 6/20/2016

Dear Alex,

I just got on my computer to write and jack said "Why you making letters?" Lizzie is screaming up in her crib and Rose just stopped screaming and Jack just got out of time out. So I guess this is as good of time as any to write.

Jack with a large turtle
I haven't lost any weight in the last 5 weeks since having Rose :( It is very discouraging. I mean, I'm not doing a lot to make the weight go away, but I am doing a little, but I guess I am not actually doing anything since nothing is happening. It is hard to do anything. Rose eats every 3 hours, Lizzie naps from 10 to 12 and 2 to 4 or so. And Jack is a psychotic maniac. And Garrett works late and leaves really early. When am I supposed to do anything? Sorry, complaining is boring.

I invited some neighbors over for FHE so now I"m cleaning the house. And there are a lot of crumbs on the floor. And my crumbs I mean a full half of a bagel and like a bowl's worth of Cheerios. 

Come home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And have a fun winter! it is 100 degrees every day this week!



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rose Weeks 1 to 6

1 Week

2 Weeks: She has gained 13 oz since we left the hospital (She is now 5 lbs 13 oz) and is in the 1% for weight, 5% for length, and 3% for head.

4 Weeks

5 Weeks: She still eats every two hours, but sometimes goes 3 hour stretches at night. She loves to be held. She gets a lot of love from her brother and is mostly ignored by her sister, which is just fine :)

6 Weeks: She cries a lot and eats a lot. But she is so cute :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Letter to Alex 6/6/2016

Things Jack hears everyday :

Don't make me count to three! 1...2...
Just leave Lizzie alone!
Go play in the basement
Why would you do that?
Do you need to go potty? Just go potty right now. Just go. Go. Go right now.
Where are your shoes?
Do you want to go to grandma's?
Let's call grandma
What movie do you want to watch?
Yay! You went poo poo in the potty!
Stop screaming
Can you do a somersault?
Be soft with the baby
Get out of my face
If you lick me again you are going to be in trouble
Wow, that's so great! Good job!

Sorry for the boring list. The majority of my day is spent saying these phrases.

Right now I am nursing Rose. She is a great eater and is fattening up nicely. She eats about every 2 hours, which is a lot. We think her hair has some red in it.

I am listening to Jack say "no! No! No!" Just to bug Lizzie. She is screaming and crying about it. I kind of love the excuse of nursing so I don't have to deal with them right now.

It is going to be 95 degrees today! That is probably too hot to go to the park? I want the kids to see mom today so we can say happy birthday. Tonight I am getting a babysitter and we are all taking her out to dinner. Then we are going to this thing called an "escape room" where we solve puzzles or something.

Rose is done on one side. She is a spitter  upper like Jack. But she is also the gassiest thing ever! There is nothing funnier than a tiny precious baby who is laying there peacefully who suddenly grunts and then passes gas as loudly as a full grown man. I love baby toots.

I'm sad because I haven't lost a single pound in 3 weeks :( I am still in a lot of pain and I don't know if I'll be able to start exercising at 6 weeks (in a week and a half).

Have fun in Ecuador! Be safe!

Love Nicole

Friday, May 6, 2016

Rose's Birth Story

We dropped Jack and Lizzie off in Cedar Hills the night before and then headed home.

I didn't sleep well the night before the C section. I kept having countdown dreams and I would wake up and look at the clock like 5 times an hour. I guess I was worried I would be late or sleep through the appointment?

We got up at 4:20 and headed over to the hospital. We checked in at 5 am and there was no one there except the receptionist! We felt like we had the whole hospital to ourselves. We went up to our room and the nurses worked on putting an IV in me. One of the nurses didn't seem like she knew what she was doing at all. She kept asking the other nurse questions and she totally messed up putting my IV in. She got it on the other arm though. But IVs hurt when they are put in! Usually I am in the agony of labor so I don't notice.

Dr. Ollerten came in and gave me an ultrasound to double check the position of the placenta and the baby. They couldn't figure out how to turn the ultrasound machine on (they eventually restarted it and it worked). It made me a little nervous, like, do these people know what they are doing? Am I going to let them poke me in the spine and cut me open? The doctor said the placenta was so low that he could just cut above it. But in the end he had to cut through the placenta and Garrett said when he cut through the placenta there was a big splash of blood and one of the nurses PASSED OUT.


The anesthesiologist came in and he was a NURSE anesthesiologist which made me nervous because of my last experience with a nurse and not a doctor anesthesiologist. But he was great! He was my buddy throughout the operation.

Then I went into the operating room. They gave me a spinal which hurt pretty bad and then I went numb. I was grateful for my big pregnant belly so I didn't have to see my bare legs spread out. They strapped down my arms and they put a sheet right at my neck. I was trying to be pleasant, but I was so nervous about the whole thing. Cut Time (what an awful term!) was at 6:45 am. Garrett was standing by my head and peeking over the curtain. He made sure to say the quote: "They are cutting through one layer of fat" which made me laugh.
Can you see the terror in my eyes?
 They sliced me open and then I heard Rose crying nice and loud. What I relief! I was so glad to hear her lungs operating so well.
 She was born at 6:52 am and weighed 5 lbs 9 oz. She was 18.5 inches long and her head circumference was 31 cm, which is great! We were obviously worried about her head, but everyone says she looks good.
 Garrett got to go hang out with her while they cleaned her and checked her out. They had to give her oxygen for a few minutes, so I just had to listen to her little cries for 25 minutes while trying to not think about the horror going on behind the curtain on my abdomen. At one point while he was sewing me up, Garrett said, "C sections are such a miracle." The doctor said, "Yep. She would have died today without it" or something like that. Lovely to think about.
 Garrett finally brought her over and we rubbed noses. Rose is extremely soft and this was very pleasant.
 The doctor finished up and peaked his head behind the curtain and said "Well, good luck!" and then he was gone. So bizarre.
 This delivery had a lot less surprise and drama than my other two, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone in the operating room was very calm and routine about it, so that helped calm me down. And that is how I didn't die giving birth!