Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

This Valentine's Day I was in charge, and I decided to make it a "Paris" themed night. I made Monte Cristo sandwiches, which I thought were French, but now I think they are more "New Orleans" whatever they were amazing. I also decorated the house with lots of candles and hung some sheets up to make it feel fancy. I even took all the diapers and other baby things out of our room!

I didn't take any pictures, but it looked good and not as silly as it sounds. I also got a KRONUT from the French Bakery. A Kronut is a croissant donut with cream filling, and it was ridiculous. And I got Garrett a little bottle of Aqua Di Gio, which is a very nice smelling cologne.

And $5 for one. We listened to the Paris Cafe station on Pandora, and it was all very fun.

My dad also wrote us his classic Valentine's day poems!


With two little kids

There’s so much to do

With cooking and cleaning

And changing diapers of poo

And don’t forget

She’s a working woman too

But it’s the simple things that bring her joy

Of hearing Jack say moo

And Lizzie say a-goo

When she hides her face

To say peek-a-boo

Or hearing Garrett exclaim, “I love your stew!”


Business is booming

The trucks they are zooming

The money is flowing

So house hunting he is going

To make a nest for the family that is growing

And a little garden he soon will be hoeing

Soon grass he’ll be mowing

And paying taxes he’s owing


Jack is pretty smart

And his verbal skills honed

He can throw a remote

Or the nearest cell phone

He’s a helpful brother

Mean words—he don’t mean it

And Lizzie’s pacifier, in his own mouth,

Always willing to clean it


Lizzie our cute, precious, full-figured gal

Is a welcome addition—my new snuggle pal

She’s learning to smile and smells sweet as a clover

But watch her real close cause she’s about to roll over

Derek Got Engaged!

We helped Derek propose to Ali in January which we were all very excited about. He had waited for Ali for 18 months while she served a mission in Tallahassee. Helping was so much fun! We built a little fort in a park by covering a jungle gym with black plastic.

Inside there were blankets and pillows and candles and flowers and chocolate fondue.

Derek had taken Ali to Log Haven, which is an awesome restaurant in SLC and he was on his way over when we noticed the top of the fort had fallen off! I actually notice it in the end of this video. Derek didn't realize we weren't ready yet, so he pulled his car up behind our parked car at the park and started honking at us. Ali was like, "What are you doing? Stop!"

So Garrett called Derek to tell him to delay, but Derek answered it on speakerphone, so he answered and said GARRETT YOU'RE ON SPEAKERPHONE!! which was very smooth on Derek's part. When Ali asked why Garrett had called he was like "...It's a secret."

But anyway, she said yes! And we are all so happy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jack's 2nd Birthday

Jack turned 2 on 2/2/2015, so this was his golden birthday!
 He got lots of fun gifts from Mimi and Poppi in the days leading up to his birthday.

I took him to Thanksgiving Point for his birthday (we had the actual "party" on Saturday). He loves this horse ride at Thanksgiving Point Farm and says "Giddyup Housies!" He also calls himself Cowboy Jack.


Jack approving the birthday cake

 He loves "tractors", so how could I resist? Also, Garrett said this was the most delicious cake he had ever eaten. It was just a cookie dough ice cream cake with Oreo crumbles.

We had all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in Utah over for dinner. 
 The cousins had chicken nuggets and apple slices and we made wings and a huge bowl of Mac and Cheese for everyone else, plus my mom brought a salad.

 There was sort of a construction theme

 Jack loved being sung to. We had practiced this moment many times, and he insists on watching this video on my phone often. We actually did this three times, and the first time, Uncle Derek was very helpful with the candles :)

Jack finally got what he has wanted so badly: a GEE-TAR. He opened it and then looked at my dad and said in the cutest little voice "Tank-koo pa pa" My mom, who had actually gotten him the present was like "what about me" and he just gave her a little wave of his hand :) He also got a flashlight and a great ABC puzzle, and a cool little bug toy from Andrea.
I tried not to go overboard on the party, but it is so fun to celebrate my favorite little guy! He was so excited about every little thing: the balloons, the cake, all the people, blowing out the candle, and the new toys. It was a really great year with Jack!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elizabeth Stats 2 1/2 Months

Here are Lizzie's stats compared to Jack's stats.

Head: 30% v 74.92%

Weight: 13.9 lb (88.5%) v 11.97 lbs (39.43%)

Length: 23.5 in 77% v 23.5 in (68.05%)

I can't believe they were the same length but Lizzie is 2 lbs heavier. So squishy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had a really amazing Christmas Day. I think it was perfect. I haven't been that excited about Christmas Morning in a long time! I knew Jack was going to be excited no matter what he got.
We woke up Christmas morning and since we slept upstairs, we had to cover Jack's eyes and run downstairs so he could have that "running up the stairs and seeing all the presents" moment. He got up and just started squealing and waving his hands around because of the commotion. I finally got him over to his pile and his stocking. We took everything out one by one and each thing got a big reaction from him. Crackers! Cookies! and I filled the bottom with his favorite--yogurt pouches. He took them out and then turned around to my siblings and yelled "YOO-DOOP!" while shaking the pouches at them, like, can you believe it?!?!
Jack got so many cool toys from the Grandparents! Some highlights are: an electric drill that really moves and a tool belt. He got a giant Olaf stuffed animal that he now sleeps with. Mimi and Poppi got him lots of books and a big wooden train set. It was seriously so much fun watching Jack open presents. I remember the thrill of Christmas morning as a little kid, and I never thought I would really feel that again. But my excitement for Jack met or exceeded his own.

Lizzie finally woke up and opened up a Sophie Giraffe and some cute outfits. I got a ukulele, some really nice pajama pants, and a Le Crueset braiser pan and Garrett got a snowboarding pass and a remote control car. And Garrett's parents gave us two tickets to a cruise in September.

The rest of the day was spent playing with our toys and taking naps.
We had Kneaders French Toast for breakfast and Prime Rib for dinner. And I make this chocolate cake.
I'm already so excited for Christmas next year!