Friday, May 6, 2016

Rose's Birth Story

We dropped Jack and Lizzie off in Cedar Hills the night before and then headed home.

I didn't sleep well the night before the C section. I kept having countdown dreams and I would wake up and look at the clock like 5 times an hour. I guess I was worried I would be late or sleep through the appointment?

We got up at 4:20 and headed over to the hospital. We checked in at 5 am and there was no one there except the receptionist! We felt like we had the whole hospital to ourselves. We went up to our room and the nurses worked on putting an IV in me. One of the nurses didn't seem like she knew what she was doing at all. She kept asking the other nurse questions and she totally messed up putting my IV in. She got it on the other arm though. But IVs hurt when they are put in! Usually I am in the agony of labor so I don't notice.

Dr. Ollerten came in and gave me an ultrasound to double check the position of the placenta and the baby. They couldn't figure out how to turn the ultrasound machine on (they eventually restarted it and it worked). It made me a little nervous, like, do these people know what they are doing? Am I going to let them poke me in the spine and cut me open? The doctor said the placenta was so low that he could just cut above it. But in the end he had to cut through the placenta and Garrett said when he cut through the placenta there was a big splash of blood and one of the nurses PASSED OUT.


The anesthesiologist came in and he was a NURSE anesthesiologist which made me nervous because of my last experience with a nurse and not a doctor anesthesiologist. But he was great! He was my buddy throughout the operation.

Then I went into the operating room. They gave me a spinal which hurt pretty bad and then I went numb. I was grateful for my big pregnant belly so I didn't have to see my bare legs spread out. They strapped down my arms and they put a sheet right at my neck. I was trying to be pleasant, but I was so nervous about the whole thing. Cut Time (what an awful term!) was at 6:45 am. Garrett was standing by my head and peeking over the curtain. He made sure to say the quote: "They are cutting through one layer of fat" which made me laugh.
Can you see the terror in my eyes?
 They sliced me open and then I heard Rose crying nice and loud. What I relief! I was so glad to hear her lungs operating so well.
 She was born at 6:52 am and weighed 5 lbs 9 oz. She was 18.5 inches long and her head circumference was 31 cm, which is great! We were obviously worried about her head, but everyone says she looks good.
 Garrett got to go hang out with her while they cleaned her and checked her out. They had to give her oxygen for a few minutes, so I just had to listen to her little cries for 25 minutes while trying to not think about the horror going on behind the curtain on my abdomen. At one point while he was sewing me up, Garrett said, "C sections are such a miracle." The doctor said, "Yep. She would have died today without it" or something like that. Lovely to think about.
 Garrett finally brought her over and we rubbed noses. Rose is extremely soft and this was very pleasant.
 The doctor finished up and peaked his head behind the curtain and said "Well, good luck!" and then he was gone. So bizarre.
 This delivery had a lot less surprise and drama than my other two, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone in the operating room was very calm and routine about it, so that helped calm me down. And that is how I didn't die giving birth!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter to Alex 4/25/2016

Dear Alex,

I am glad you are safe from the earthquake.

Family Updates:

Garrett has been working like a crazy person the last few weeks. He has actually been working MORE than usual, which means he literally gets up at 4:30/5:00 am and goes to work, comes home at 8 pm and sets up his computer and works until midnight or later and goes to bed for 4 hours, then wakes up and does it again. He is sick of the way the business is going right now (a big part of that is because they aren't making money...) so he is trying new ideas and hoping they work. Sadly, that takes up almost all of his time. Mom suggested he is working extra now since he "knows" he'll need to take time off to help me with the baby. I'm like...sure.

We got a van!
I am "giving birth" (I can't help thinking of it as a baby extraction) a week from Wednesday! It's so crazy to know the actual due date. I've been researching C Sections like crazy, so hopefully I know what is coming. I'm starting to get excited for the baby and starting to get nervous for her too. She's coming so early! Much earlier than Jack and Lizzie, and they were only 7 lbs when they were born, so she is probably going to be teeny tiny. I really really hope she doesn't have to go to the NICU.

I made Key Lime Pie for Nate's party yesterday and we gave him a bow tie--untied. We thought it would be more hipstery that way. I have a whole pie left over, so I asked some girls in the ward if they wanted to eat it with me tomorrow night and they said yes and now I'm nervous :) What if they hate the pie? Or are just coming over because they feel bad for me? I wish I just had 10 year long relationships with everyone already.

So Jack started Gymnastics lessons. It is so so so so cute. I am basically crying in joy every time he does a new little trick. He gets so proud of all the things he can do these days. He calls himself a "big boy, not a baby" and says he is a "big helper" when he opens doors or brings me a diaper. Oh, and he is (daytime) potty trained! He still announces every time he goes. Like, "you GUYYYYYS. I went POO POO!!!" And then he basically bows as we congratulate him.

He is an excellent pray-er. He never forgets to "bless Alex on a mission in Ecuador and Santa brings her home for Christmas to 'bama's house". Did I tell you he thinks Santa is bringing you home because I told him you were coming home at Christmas time?

Jack never stops talking. We mostly talk about bad guys/jail/punching a snake in the face, Halloween, Baby Rose, and Christmas. We talk about those topics a million times a day. Garrett said he needs to start preschool so he can get some new material.

Lizzie was so worried I was going to take her ice cream away that she left our table to stand by herself 

Lizzie started nursery yesterday! She did great. She didn't cry and she didn't even freak out when I came to pick her up. She just said "bubbles! bubbles!" and pointed to the teacher with the bubbles. I was so proud of her. She is getting so cute. She tries to jump, but she can't get both feet off the ground yet, so it's just enthusiastic stomping. She looks like she is tap dancing. She often asks for her "ginky" (binky) and when she wants something she holds out her little hand and says "tank ooh" (thank you). How can you refuse that?

Oh, and she does kisses now. I wish I could send you video! She scrunches up her whole face and purses her lips for a lip kiss. It is the most cute thing in the world. Scott and Shelby said "Lizzie is the cutest baby we've ever seen. We used to think it was Jack, but Lizzie won." Personally, I think they are tied for cutest baby.

Jack and Lizzie still fight regularly, but I think they are starting to play better now. Lizzie can talk a little bit, so that helps. Jack likes to make funny jokes and then coach Lizzie how to respond to them. Like, he'll say "Do you want to go to bama's house and find bama and scare her? (say "yeah" Yizzie)" and Lizzie will say "Yeah!" and they will both laugh and laugh.

Alright, that's a pretty good summary of our lives. Talk to you in less than 2 weeks!! Hopefully we can Skype so you can see my new BABY!



p.s. I did a plank for 1:45 two days ago. How long are YOUR planks?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Letter to Alex 4/11/16

Alex it's your birthday! You were wondering if anyone else hated turning 20. I was actually kind of relieved, because it meant I wasn't going to be 19 when I got married :)

Are you going to ride a giant turtle for your birthday!? That's what I'm hoping to do for my birthday this year. Crossing my fingers!

Actually, I might be in the hospital recovering from a C Section on my birthday. Just as good?

This week was rough because everyone was gone. Garrett was in Florida for the FSU Spring game and our family was in St. George having fun times. 

We are buying a van this weekend! We are in desperate need of a van. Lizzie is still in her infant car seat because we can't fit two big ones in the Elantra. And we definitely can't fit 3 car seats in it! We are very excited about a new car. 

Less than 4 weeks until the baby comes.

I can hear Jack downstairs and a lot of crashing noises. What do we think he is doing? Getting ice out of the fridge? I'd better go check. BRB.

Ok, it is an hour later. It was ice, and then I ended up cleaning the whole kitchen including mopping. And then Jack spilled a huge glass of milk on the floor. And then I ate a cookie out of anger. Ok, I ate two cookies.

Well, I hope you have a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!! We are finally in the same decade again. Welcome to the 20s!!!!

Love you!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pictures from November 2015

My good friend Lacey came over last November and took pictures of me and my kids. And here they are!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Garrett's 30th Birthday Party

Garrett turned 30 this year! I had a lot of plans that fell through for his birthday, but I think it was still good. I made him this Man Crate (it says 30 on the outside). I actually just nailed the top planks on and spray painted the sides. I didn't create the whole thing.
Inside was a bunch of football stuff and other manly stuff! FSU glasses, FSU grill gear, a football, football gloves, and some yucky man treats.

 He got lots of other great presents! My parents gave him a big gift card to Home Depot, his parents gave him a suit, and he got a succulent from Anna, a bacon calendar from Derek and Ali, and a chocolate gift card from Shelby and Scott.
His friend Andy sent a present as well!

Easter 2016

On Saturday, our neighborhood home builders, Edge Homes, hosted an Easter egg hunt. It was in the park that is right across the street from us which was awesome! Jack and Lizzie found so many eggs and candies. Plus a bunch of the eggs had coins in them that they could trade in for toys. PLUS there was a food truck there--Art City Donuts--and we got a bunch of free mini donuts. Plus hot chocolate. Plus the Easter Bunny was there. It was all around egg-cellent. 

I think everyone was very happy with their baskets! I know I was--I got another Chromecast and some adult coloring books.

Adult color books are not "adult-themed" you sicko, they are just labeled for adults so you don't feel so humiliated coloring in them (that's the idea I think). Garrett got an electronic tie rack, Jack got some Squigz, and Lizzie got a doctor kit.

 Everyone was looking really good (except me--32 weeks pregnant, and Garrett who was very sick)

 She kept looking for her belly button.

 For dinner I was assigned a salad, which I interpreted to include Jello. And I Pinterested the heck out of the Easter Jello--rainbow Jello eggs. Take a good look because I will not be making these again :)

I did an Easter chalkboard

 The Barber family really scored in the Brimley Easter egg hunt. I almost sort of feel bad for finding the big $$ egg!
 Lizzie walking around with her basket in her little Easter dress just killed me.

 Lizzie opened an egg full of jelly beans and started eating them right off the concrete.