Monday, February 1, 2016

3 Hot Moms Cruise

Elise, Lacie, and I decided last year around October that we needed to get together and do a girl's trip. We didn't really care what we did, we just wanted to get away from everything for a bit! We decided to go to NYC since I am a bum and I get sick on cruises. Of course, NYC isn't IDEAL in January,  but we would see some Broadways shows (Hamilton!) and it would be super fun. Well, Hamilton tickets were basically impossible to get, and winter rolled around. It has been a cold and snowy winter, and then I suddenly realized, what in the world are we doing?! I called my friends and we canceled our plans to NYC and decided to go on a 3 day cruise out of Orlando instead. Luckily, you can switch flights from Southwest for free!

So! We went on the Enchantment of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise. We were really hoping for warm weather, but of course it was the snow storm of the century on the East coast, and I think Orlando got some of that weather. It was like 40 degrees in Orlando! But it was better than NYC, where all the Broadway shows were canceled and the roads were totally closed because of the ridiculous snow. So we still made a good choice.

Lacie and I flew together and had a connecting flight in Baltimore, where Elise joined our flight. We got first row seats! It was so thrilling to be on a plane with no kids and just my two best friends. We rented a car and then went to Downtown Disney that night. We ate at Earl of Sandwich, yummy yummy. And we decided the theme of our trip was "Three Hot Moms."
The next day, Friday, we drove to the port and got on the ship! I was very nervous that I was going to be nauseated the whole time, but I wore my SeaBands and I truly believe they helped. Especially because this boat was very rocky the entire time. Unfortunately, the whole trip was extremely cold and windy, so the pool deck was closed the entire time. I was planning on running around the track, but it was "closed to due to extreme winds." That was another theme of the cruise.  
Luckily the food didn't close! We ate all the time. And luckily all I really wanted to do was nothing and hang out with my friends. The first the Lacie and Elise did was get a massage! I decided that wouldn't work for me and my...condition. Since my belly is big now and I can't lay on it. It's all good.

Ew, I forgot to mention that we got in our room and opened the closet, and under the life jacket was UNDERWEAR. We called several times and finally got someone to remove it for us. So nasty.

Saturday we arrived at Nassau and we were so excited to do our Sea Ray Adventure! If you know me, you know I love sea rays. They are so hilarious. So we got off the boat to find our group, and we couldn't find them anywhere! I was a little nervous since the winds were like 100 miles per hour, and we had to take a small boat to Ray Island. I knew my stomach couldn't handle that. And, lucky me, our excursion was canceled! :/ The dumb part was that no one told us. The crusie boat was like "we left a voicemail" as if we are checking our room voicemail all the time. Whatever, we still had fun. We got hair braids! I negotiated the lady down from $6 a braid to $2 a braid.

We walked down the beach on Nassau to the Fish Fry and got some really yummy fish. We had walked about a mile when Elise asked, "Do you guys like fish" and I said, "No" and Lacie said "No" and Elise said "Neither do I." But we still went, and if all fish tasted like that, I would say I do like fish.

That night on the boat was CRAZY. It was our fancy night at dinner. Our waiter, Eduardo, was so funny! He kept waggling his eyebrows at us. Then we did a karaoke performance of "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray with 3 part harmony. I thought it went well, and we got at least 5 compliments for it.

Then we decided we should go DANCING!! We went down to the dance floor, but the dance was over :( So we got in the clear glass elevator to find something else to do, when we realized the dance was NOT over! They were singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" and we were stuck in the glass elevator with this older lady and her even older mother. So we were just singing and dancing along to the music when we realized that basically we were on a stage for the whole crowd right above the band. Then at the part of the song where it says "Let us go!" "We will not let you go" "Let us go!" We were banging our hands against the elevator singing "Let us go!" and the crowd was all pointing at us and singing "We will not let you go!" Anyway, it was like the highlight of my life the trip. We got called the "Elevator Girls" by tons of people throughout the rest of the cruise.

The best part was the older lady (in a totally sequinned gold dress) was so thrilled to be a part of it as well that she wanted to take a selfie. So she said "Alright my elevator bit***s!! Smile!!" Then we saw her later at another dance, so we started dancing with her and she called us Elevator bit***s again. But in a very endearing way.

Then we found another dance on the cold windy deck of the ship and danced and danced. Until some guys wanted to dance a little too much with beautiful Lacie, and then we had to excuse ourselves. Garrett warned me something like this would happen :)
The food was adequate on the cruise. My favorite were these big wedges of french toast. We also ordered room service, which is always fun.
Our last day we were supposed to go to Royal Caribbean's private island, Coco Cay, but they canceled! "Due to weather conditions..." LAME. So we spent the day sleeping, and we got to do the rock wall and trampoline once before "due to weather conditions" they were closed. We had dinner and then came back to the room to chat. We were planning on doing karaoke and seeing a show, but we talked too much and then we looked at the time and everything was over! 

Then, sadly, Elise and I got food poisoning. I threw up so much and poor Elise was in the bathroom until 3 am. That made it a little easier to get off the boat the next morning. But it was still sad to end the trip that we had been so looking forward to.

Going on this trip just made me want to do another vacation with my friends! Maybe next time we'll even invite our husbands. Garrett, by the way, was so so awesome to let me do this. He totally arranged the kids' schedules and took a day away from the office on Monday to work from home and watch the kids. He picked me up super late on Monday even though he had to be at the office at 6 am the next day. I feel like a girl's trip could easily turn into a place to just complain about husbands, but all we did was talk about how awesome our husbands are! I'm glad my friends got such great guys. And I'm glad I have such great friends!

It's A Girl!

Surprise! I am having another baby, due May 25th. And it's a girl! So Lizzie will have a sister 19 months younger than her. It's going to get crazy around here!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas at the Cambry Cabin

It was the Barber's year for Christmas, and it was awesome as always. They wanted a white Christmas and they really got one! We rented a cabin in Bear Lake and had tons of fun.

Jack made some Christmas ornaments that I couldn't throw away. So cute. All of the women were in charge of doing a kid's activity one of the days. My activity was a cinnamon roll class, so each child put together a cinnamon roll wreath. They were quite tasty.
I re-did Ali's Murder Mystery party a little and we played with the Barbers. They were all very willing to act a little crazy and it was very funny.
We played in the snow! Lizzie had no shoes because she won't keep them on and what am I supposed to do?
The road in front of our cabin was great for sledding!

Jack was made the innkeeper when the kids acted out the Nativity. He is wearing a stocking on his head.
Candy canes! All Jack and Lizzie wanted for Christmas was candy canes. And they got them.

They also got this tunnel. It was full of candy canes. That big present is mine! I got a cooling pillow that cools when you touch it. It is really awesome.

Skittles candy cane! A big hit.
Jack got a sweet FSU football and hat from Mimi and Poppi. Lizzie got a cute outfit and some puzzles. And we all got some money towards another vacation with the Barbers in 2017 :)

Another big hit were the candy bracelets.
We got to Skype with Alex on Christmas day! It was so good to see her and hear her, even if it was just for a few minutes.
Jace was doing a snow angel.
Talent show! Jack recited "Jack and Jill" and "Hey Diddle Diddle" and he did a great job. Lizzie showed what a cow said and what a dog said. I have such talented kids.
Also, Garrett and I sang "Love is an Open Door" but it was really embarrassing. I think everyone was pretty embarrassed for us. So I think we'll save that song for the car in the future.
Other notable things we did were watch Episodes I, II, and III of Star Wars, which Logan and Andrea were thrilled about. I had no idea they were such huge Star Wars fans. Jack was an angel to all his cousins the whole time. We ate lots of fancy dinners that everyone made (Logan: Alfredo Lasagna, Jill: Thai Curry, Nicole: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Zach/Andrea: Wings, Jason/Susan: Turkey, Ham, Prime Rib). And we all slept comfortably in our own rooms :)

Christmas Activities 2015

Making Christmas cookies!
 My mom made the best sugar cookies this year and Jack was so excited to decorate them.
I made some pretty good-looking ones myself.
Live Nativity! We snuck away from moving into our new house to go to this live nativity in Alpine. Camels are huge! There was a whole Bethlehem village set up and tons of animals and Roman soldiers marching around. Then we saw the 3 wise men, who spent a lot of time talking with Jack which was so sweet. Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus were last--a real baby! He seriously looked like a newborn. He was peacefully sleeping until Jack came in and started loudly talking about what he saw: "Mom! Baby Jesus! Oh no! Mom! He crying!"
 Santa on a Firetruck. That's right--Cedar Hills had an event where Santa came down the road in a firetruck with the sirens going. Then there were brownies inside the Cedar Hills building. So it was basically the best activity possible for Jack. He still thinks Santa rides around on a firetruck.
 We decided to go to the Cedar Hills Ward party, and I'm so glad we did! Nate and my dad had some great performances.

 Breakfast with Santa!
 This was our second Breakfast with Santa at Thanksgiving Point, but the first time with little kids. It was great! Santa was really nice, and the babies loved the characters walking around.

 Lizzie LOVED the gingerbread man. She would follow him around the room. She still looks and these pictures and starts screaming with joy.

 Presents from Grandma and Grandpa!
 We got so spoiled this year! Jack got a slide and Lizzie got a Little People princess castle with a bunch of princes and princesses. They both got outfits and BYU teddy bears. Garrett got a great big framed FSU football picture and a white shirt and tie, and I got a sweater and a really great straight iron! And Nate got me a pedicure and Anna got Garrett Snake Oil and some Hi Chews.

See that thing of Chocolate Almonds on the table with the bow on it? That was my present to my mom. But when Nate was giving me my present, my mom picked that up and handed it to me. I was so confused. I said, "Mom, that's MY present to YOU!" And then she was like "what?" and went into the other room and came out with the same thing of Chocolate Almonds! She was like "I thought Nate had put a bow on it and I was so proud of him!" Lol. Those things are so delicious.

Gingerbread House Making. And yes, Jack ate most of the candy as fast as he could and then I just had to throw it away.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thanks and Fakes Giving

My mom likes to get crafts from the children, which really means crafts that I make and somehow incorporate the children. So this is what I made for Thanksgiving:

 We had another Fakesgiving with the Brimley Family this year. The pies were good.
 But the real star was the smoked turkey. Smoked turkey is the only turkey worth eating. All other turkey is basically garbage ;)

 My parents got a new Rock Band game for us to play! We got a bunch of Queen songs and a bunch of Green Days songs and Jack rocked out hard.
 I made my Sweet Potato Casserole for David's Thanksgiving dinner.
 And then we had secret pie after! We went and saw a movie (the last Hunger Games) and then came home and ate this Banoffee (Banana and Toffee) pie. It was GOOD. And yes, I'm going to post all three pictures of it.

Hurray for Thanksgiving!