Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jack is 18 Months

Ok, Jack is 21 lbs and in the 10th % for head circumference. He is super, super, super active. If we are in a small room with just one table and a few chairs (as we were last night while moving Alex into Utah State), he will run around and around the table, climb on the chairs, and end up on the table somehow. He loves making slam dunks in his basketball hoop and doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" (he only touches his head and toes).

He also loves reading books, like Red Hat, Blue Hat, Yellow Hat, OOPS! He cracks up at that one.

He would watch Baby Signing Time all day if I let him, but I don't let him watch it very much. If he has a few hours alone with his dad, he will watch a few hours worth of Baby Signing Time though. Which means he signs lots of cute things, like flower, leaf, and mystery signs. He loves pointing to things and naming them, especially pictures of his family. He doesn't say Bye Bye; instead, he blows a kiss and says MUAH! This is sort of awkward when you don't even know the person, like all the cashiers at Walmart. Once my mom was at the door with a salesman she was trying to get to leave and she was like "Ok, thanks, we are not interested, bye..." and Jack shows up behind her at the door and goes "MUAH!" to the salesman. I think he got mixed messages.

Jack recently spent 2 nights at Grandma's house while Garrett and I stayed in Park City for our anniversary. I guess the first night he was ready for bed, and he started opening all the doors and saying "Mama? Mama?" Ah! Breaks my heart!

He is pretty naughty--he threw my new phone in the toilet, he shattered a pepper shaker when he got on the kitchen table and threw it, he torments Rolo, he pulls everyone's hair, and he's so picky about what he eats! He no longer gets Cracker Attacks--he usually begs for "apple" or just "this." Oh, and his new favorite word is "no" (but he says it in such a high-pitched voice that I can't really get mad at him).

But really, Jack is just the best. He gives the best little kisses, the best morning snuggles, and sometimes he will give your arm or back a little rub. He points to pictures at church and says "Dedus" (Jesus). He folds his arms for prayers and says Amen at the end. He will now pose for pictures--when I point my phone at him, he gives me a big awful cheesy smile.

He will laugh at all your jokes and says "yeah!" when he gives high fives or fist bumps. He doesn't want to leave anyone out--when I ask him to say "Grandma" he just says "and papa" and then we name everyone else we know, every time. He is so excited about everything! He says "WOAH" at any little thing.

He is very quick to forgive. He is very sweet with his little doll that I gave him to teach him about being a good big brother.

 Plus he still takes 2 naps every day.

And I just love him so much.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Words Jack Knows

The pediatrician said that boys at Jack's age should know 3-5 words. I didn't know exactly how many words Jack knows at that time, so I thought I'd make a list!
  1. Apple
  2. Anna
  3. Alex
  4. All done
  5. and (pronounced "eh")
  6. ah ah! (monkey noise)
  7. ball
  8. baa (sheep noise)
  9. bleebee (binky)
  10. bock bock! (chicken noise)
  11. bubbles
  12. cot (Scott)
  13. cheese
  14. cracker
  15. dada
  16. dede (Derek)
  17. dis/this
  18. eat
  19. hi
  20. hat
  21. hot
  22. I
  23. mama
  24. mama (grandma)
  25. mmmm (yum!)
  26. mmmm (cow noise)
  27. meow
  28. No/Mo (no)
  29. na NA! (shark noise)
  30. nana (banana)
  31. nananana (what does the fox say)
  32. nene (Nate)
  33. outside
  34. oooo (owl noise)
  35. papa (Grandpa)
  36. please
  37. quack! 
  38. ruff ruff (dog noise)
  39. ssss-dada (scott)
  40. ssss (sound a snake makes)
  41. teeth
  42. thank you
  43. uh-oh
  44. up
  45. vroom (car noise)
  46. wawa (water)
  47. Woah!
  48. Yes
If you don't believe me, here is a video of most of these words :

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Water Fun

We have been exploring all the pools and splash pads around here. Jack enjoys them all. Here is the Highland splash pad with his friend Rubi

 Alpine Splash pad

 Grandma's pool in the backyard

 American Fork Pool
My mom is always so good to play with him at the pools. We also went to the Provo pool, which is so awesome, and of course Paula's pool. Unfortunately, I don't have permission from my mom to post those pictures :) But rest assured, there is no one he has more fun with than Grandma.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Karalyn's Baby Shower

My cousin Paul's wife Karalyn is the coolest. That's why I wanted to help her have a really great baby shower!
The Groesbeck girls put on a Book-themed shower, and I helped by doing the activity, which was to watercolor pages of an ABC book that I created--I wrote out a little rhyme for each letter and found the images on Google Images. If you are interested in seeing the whole book, you can view the PDF Here. We pinned up the blank pages here. They are sort of a Victorian English-type thing, which I though Karalyn would appreciate :)
And then I had a table set up with supplies and the girls went to work.
I was very impressed with everyone's work ethic. And watercoloring skillz.

They all signed a page that said "Made with Love"
 While some people were at the table painting, others grilled pizzas on the grill, which was so fun and tasty.
 And then Karalyn opened her presents. We had put on the invitation: "One small request, and we hope it's not hard, please bring a book instead of a card". So she got lots of great baby books!

  I had them hang up their finished product to dry. I really am super impressed with how they turned out. Hopefully now Baby Groesbeck will be a reading genius.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monty Python Silly Walks Clock

I made this for my dad for his birthday. If you don't get why it's so awesome/hilarious, look up the Monty Python sketch "The Ministry of Silly Walks"
I got the idea and source files from here: http://sillywalkclock.blogspot.com/ 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cancun! The Beach

Ah the beach. We had so much fun on the beach. We did kayaks, paddleboats, snorkeling, sailing, soccer, volleyball, and sandcastles. And Jack even took some naps.
Do you see Rolo?
Lots of empty chairs!

Jack seriously loves the beach so much. Waves are endless entertainment for him, and so is sand. And so is Anna.

Is it time to go back yet?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cancun! Chichén Itzá and Tulum with Helaman

Chichén Itzá
We went off the resort for a day and visited some ancient Mayan ruins, with our guide Helaman! Helaman is a Mormon and put an LDS spin on the whole shebang.

 Sometimes we love our families here.

We saw the stadium where the Mayans played sports. Circled is the carving of a sports player with a knife.
 And here is that sports player holding the head of the loser, whose head is spurting blood.
 I was chasing Jack around the ruins most of the time, so if you really want to know all the history behind these things, you should ask Garrett. Helaman was impressed by the amount of questions he had.

 Mom loved this wall so much she did a little tap dance.

 The temple was huge...the pictures don't capture it.

 We found an iguana to match Jack's shirt!
 This building is a face
 Things got a little too cosy here.
 Our authentic Mexican meal. MMM, Very Tasty!
 Tulum and "Hottie Scottie"

 It was on a cliff overlooking a really pretty beach.

 "And what about these two ladies? On sale for a good deal!"
 Helaman was a good tour guide! We read lots of scriptures on the van ride to the ruins.