Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall 2015

This is going to be a lot of pictures.


 Jack was obsessed with this slide.

 And Lizzie was in love with this corn.

Jack went to the Priesthood session dinner at Thai Village with the boys!

 Jack got a Halloween bucket of treats from my mom. He was just so happy about it.
 A dress from my mom.
 Cornbelly's with Anna
 I bribed her with Kettle Corn so she came with me.
 Text conversion with my mom:
Me: I wish they could stay like this forever
Mom: This little?
Me: No, in these boxes.

It got cold in November!
 Jack and Jace sharing a bat. Is was the best sharing I've ever seen him do. They were like "Ok, it's Jack's turn now" and hit the ball and then "Ok, it's Jace's turn now!". They did that about 20 times in a row. It was very orderly.

 Mimi reading a Llama book to Jack

 Lizzie will steal the glasses right off your face. She looks very hipster here.

Elizabeth's 1st Year Video and update

Lizzie is doing really great these days! I have decided that my favorite age so far is age 1 to 2. Because she is sleeping through the night, eating solid food, crawling (but not walking) and is just happy most of the time. She rarely has tantrums and never talks back to me :) She says a couple of "words," basically the same noise: she says a very breathy "Haa haa" for hot and she will pant like a dog when we ask what does a dog say: "haa haa haa." She will sort of say mama and dada.

She still LOVES to eat and will eat basically anything. But the few things she does not like she immediately throws off her high chair tray, as if she can't stand the sight of them. She loves bathtime and her stuffed animal dog. She really loves my dad and mom. She loves playing with Jack and she can take a lot of roughness.

She weighs 20 pounds, so she's in the 65%. She still has a very loud screetch, but I feel like I don't hear it as often, which is nice. She is already starting to tattle on Jack--he will do something, and she will come and find me and then start crying. I think it's hilarious (sometimes). She will cuddle any toy and rock it a little bit.

And she already has her first date lined up! Jack asked me where Nate was the other day and I said he was on a date. "Nate was on a date?" he asked. Then Garrett said, "Would you like to go on a date?" "Yes!" "With who?" "I go on a date with Nate!" but Garrett told him he had to go with a girl. "What girl would you like to go with?" "Ummm...I go on a date with Lizzie!"

It was so cute.

Anyway, we really love our little girl. She is still a squishy, snuggly thing. I'm excited for this next year with her!

Lizzie's 1st Birthday Party

 Lizzie turned one on October 26th. I try to make the 1st birthday kind of a big deal. Lizzie's theme was "pink"

 Pink smash cake!
 She got lots of great presents including a purse and a stuffed animal dog and a little Anna doll that she loves! My whole family, Zach and Andrea's family, and Mike and Katie and their kids all came.

 She did pretty good at smashing the cake. At first she was just petting it but then with a little help she got in to it.

Great birthday, great girl! And then when Mimi and Poppi came last week, we had another mini party for her.
She ate the whole piece of pumpkin cheesecake! She got a few book and outfits from Garrett's parents. She deserves two parties because she is so cute and a very good one-year-old!

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Witchy Grandma Party

The Grandmas threw a Halloween party for the kids on Halloween morning. It was really amazing.

 We played lots of games, did sticker crafts, had a yummy lunch with broomstick breadsticks, and went trick or treating around Paula's house! Jack was so cute--he would say "Knock knock trick or treating!!" and then we would tell him to actually knock on a door. Jack really loves candy. The other day in the car he said, out of the blue, "I love candy. Candy is so great."

 Lizzie found a Laffy Taffy and just sucked on it (still wrapped) the whole time.

 Paula made these really yummy pudding cup Frankensteins.

 Donuts on a string. We did it for Lizzie and she just destroyed that donut so fast. Anna did pretty good as well.
 Thank you Grandma Witches! You hags are all right!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Funny Jack Stories and Lizzie stories too

Jack is loving the Halloween season. He likes to read this pop up book called "Spooky Boo". I don't even really understand it. I think Spooky Boo is the name of the main character, which end up being "you" in a mirror? But I think Jack thinks Spooky Boo is the word for Ghost. 

Anyway, my dad was trying to get Jack to eat a piece of provolone cheese for dinner, so he cut a smiley face in it. He held it up for Jack, and Jack was all "oh, Spooky Boo." And then he ate it. "mmmm, yummy spooky boo. I yike spooky boo."

He gave the prayer at family night, unprompted.

Then he sang "I Am A Child of God" as a solo. Then he sang "5 Little Pumpkins," but allowed us to sing along. 

I asked him where he wants to go on a mission, and he said Ecuador!

I started playing some hymns on the piano and he ran to the bathroom and got out his toy trumpet (which is a bath toy). He played along.

(This is taken from a text to Garrett, which he said he read to the whole office and everyone laughed): Jack took his diaper off and grabbed the poop in it and threw it in the toilet, then rummaged through the trash can and found his binky that I threw away because he threw it in the toilet yesterday. so that was a gross few minutes

Lizzie can do a firetruck noise and the other day she saw a dog and said "Dah! Dah!"

Lizzie turns one in 2 weeks!!

The Oasis of the Seas

After talking about this cruise for 2 years, we finally went on it! They promised this boat was so huge that I wouldn't even feel the waves and I wouldn't get seasick, and guess what? I didn't! It was a miracle.

One good thing about a broken toe was we got to get on the plane first and choose our seats! So we got the front row. Also, flying without kids is much easier, oh my gosh.
 Here is a picture of our fabulous room! Every room on this ship has a balcony, but Garrett and I got a balcony facing the ocean, which was extra special. It was like we had to look out the window to remind ourselves we were even on the ocean, because we really couldn't feel it and the boat was so HUGE.

If you are wondering if we got room service, and that was Anna's only question about the cruise, the answer is yes. A few times. Even though we already ate 5 meals a day. And by "we" I just mean "me" because Garrett liked to fill up at "actual meals".
The room was quite large and comfortable, which was good because I had to come back 3 times a day to pump since I'm still nursing Lizzie. Luckily Susan bought us each a book so I had something to do. She got me Cinder, which is about a Robot Cinderella. And she got Garrett The Martian, which is basically the perfect book for him, a science-based space book. I had already read it.

 Here are some pictures of the dining room. Our table was on the second floor. It is fun to go on a cruise with the Barbers because they can all eat so much.

 Here is a picture of one of the main floors. It is like an indoor mall. There was a place to get pizza here and a place to get little desserts. There was a karaoke bar on this floor that we almost went to. At the end of the hall was the theater. One of the cool things about this ship is it has a full Broadway play on it! In the past they've had Hairspray, Chicago, and Mamma Mia. And our ship got..CATS! And it was the WORST play I've ever seen. The production quality was excellent. The plot and songs were insane and confusing and boring, which is not a winning combination. 80% of the audience left at intermisison and it was a point of bonding with the other cruise passengers of how bad it was. "Hey, my name is Garrett. Did you see CATS?" "Yes, it was horrible! Let's be friends"

There were several good shows though--a cool ice skating show (the boat also had an ice skating rink), a surprisingly good ventriloquist show, and a pretty neat diving show. Garrett skipped the ice skating show to finish The Martian.
 Don't worry! We didn't miss any FSU games while on the ship!
 A fancy pile of rocks.
 The front (or back??) of the ship. I was so lost the whole week.
 A view from above "Central Park". There were alive trees here! And a shop that had the best roast beef sandwich mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

 One of the pools. I don't think I ever went in a swimming pool or the ocean even though a wore a swimsuit every day.

 We went on a really cool zip line in Haiti. It went over the ocean and was probably my favorite thing on the whole trip.

 Lots of people tried the FlowRider. I didn't because of my toe (but I'm trying not to dwell on that...) Zach became obsessed with it and won a prize at the end of the cruise.
  The whole reason for the cruise was for Susan and Jason's 40th wedding anniversary. We had a little surprise party for them one night. My part of the party was making a video of all the grand kids answering questions about Mimi and Poppi and love and marriage. It was well received. Another part of the night was Susan and Jason telling about how they got together, a story I've never heard. They were in a class together at BYU and they started passing notes. Jason's note said something like "you're cute" and then Susan responded "I'm going to marry you one day." Woah! I never knew she was so bold :)

It was a great cruise, even better than I thought it would be (except my toe). Leaving the kids wasn't as hard as I thought because we were able to call or Skype with them every day! This is the first cruise that we've had internet and on one hand it was horrible because Garrett could still work (and he did work quite a bit). One the other hand it was such a relief to feel connected still. So to answer your question, yes, I would go on another cruise. But only if it is this boat :)

And if you would like to see better pictures of the cruise, go to Logan's blog: