Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trip to Denver July 2015

Letter to Alex:

Last Monday Garrett and I started a super low carb diet, but then three days later we went to Denver and ate out an incredible amount. But now we are back on the diet and it hurts! I am getting headaches from the lack of bread and sugar. Waaah. You are so lucky you have unlimited hot dogs. I'm so jealous.

Jack was so excited to see the airplanes!
We went with Logan to her house design center to look at all her choices. Her house is going to be awesome! Logan made us some yummy meals, and Patrick made us some yummy crepes!

So staying with Logan was fun. Except for the fact that Jack turned into a maniac (that sentence almost sounds like a rap). But seriously. Jack kept hitting Gavin, the 3 year old, and pulling the hair of Ayden, the 6 year old. Like, non stop. Basically the 4 days we were there, 22/24 hours was spent putting Jack in time out. It was really depressing and embarrassing.

At one point Garrett said, "I could NEVER spend all days with these kids! I want to kill them!" which put me in a pretty bad mood. Garrett was like, you should take it as a compliment. But, I mean, I spend all day with the kids because I have no choice. I really like both of them most of the time, but I would probably take 8 hours off a day if I could. I don't know why Garrett's comment bothers me so much.

The thing that was making the situation so bad was the lack of sleep Jack was getting. He started out sharing a room with me and Garrett and Lizzie, but he couldn't do it. He was too excited. So then we put him in the coat closet next to our room. It was a little small, but if he bent his knees he could lay down. But since he could open the door, he couldn't control himself enough to stay in. Eventually, we got a shower curtain rod and wedged it between the door and the wall, and then he couldn't get out. After screaming himself hoarse, he was able to sleep well for the next couple days. I felt a little bad for putting him in a closet, but mostly I just wanted him to sleep!
Lizzie had no problems sleeping, luckily

Here is a picture of Patrick, Garrett, and Jack at a cool place called the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. It had neat rocks like Moab that we could all climb on.

Unfortuntely Logan's kids had Hand Foot and Mouth disease, which Jack is now enjoying. You would hate it--he has bumps all on his feet and hands and around his mouth (as you could probably guess), but they are also in his mouth, so he won't eat anything. Hopefully Lizzie doesn't get it!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Letter to Alex 1

I'll post some of modified versions of my letters to Alex on the blog since they are good recaps of my life as well :)

No, I didn't cry, because I am a weirdo. But I was/am very sad to see her go.
At least we got one last Sister Sandwich
Adios Hermana
Dear Alex,

Well nobody made a treat this we are really starting to miss you ;) Just kidding, we have missed you since right when you left. I could barely get off my bed all of the next day I was so depressed! I couldn't even answer the phone. We went and had Thai food for dinner and I ordered Masaman curry in your honor but could hardly eat it. Jack loved it though, "MMMM, yummy sauce! It's not too spicy. I yike dis sauce!" Lol. He is the pickiest eater but then he will eat the most random things. 

Actually, I think Mom is the pickiest eater.
Sorry, this email isn't very organized. It doesn't seem like you have a lot of time to send emails, so should I keep them short? I guess I'll just tell you the highlights of the week:
1. We went to Bear Lake, which was fun! Garrett ended up coming which he wasn't planning on doing, which was fun! We had our own room and we jet-skied. We even took Jack on a ride--he was very scared and cold. But there were a million rocks for him to throw on the shore, so he was happy. We got a lot of good time to chat with cousins and play games--we killed everyone at Scrabble (duh, with Ali on our team). Another successful family reunion.
Jack had plenty of small people to play with. And look, a raging river in the backyard!!

2. There was a spare room we could put Jack in, but it had French doors to the outside and French doors on the inside as well (with no blinds or curtains). The door faced the game room which had a pool table, ping pong, foosball, and a little basketball shooting thing. He would cry and put his hands on the glass and yell, "Don't lock the door!!" EXCEPT. The last night, which was the craziest loudest game night (Garrett+Greg+ping pong=yelling and hooping and hollering), Jack just laid down and went right to sleep and slept through everyone's crazy loud yelling and games. A miracle!
(Yes, the highlight of Bear Lake was Jack sleeping. This is my life)
3. Lizzie wore a 4th of July dress that had a ruffled single sleeve. So cute!! No pictures unfortunately
4. I told Jack I like his handsome church shirt today and he said right back, "I love your dress, Mom!" and touched the skirt. Awwww
Like what you see?

5. We are going to Denver this week to visit Logan.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

May 2015

We had a lovely May. We went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. 
 Mimi came to visit.
 Zach had a birthday
 Lizze went to her 6 month check up. She weighed 19 pounds and is totally healthy. She started sitting up and graduated to size 4 diapers, so now she and Jack are in the same size!
 Alex, Shelby, and I went on a run with the kids. Alex was pushing the stroller when a huge thunderstorm rolled in. We raced home, but we didn't beat the rain and we were all dripping wet! Jack and Lizzie were actually only a teeny bit wet, but Jack kept saying, "Thunder LOUD!! BOOM!"
 We went to the Payson Temple open house. This was one of the most beautiful temples I've ever been in. It has a cool pioneer theme to it, and there are a lot of quilting square motifs every where. I love it!
 It was Mother's Day/my 27th birthday on May 10. I would prefer my birthday didn't fall on Mother's Day, but what can you do?
 It got nice and warm outside.
 We gave all the kids a night to P.F Chang's for their birthdays. We sat at a fun big round table and sampled lots of food. Plus we got a bunch of Great Wall of Chocolates. Nummy nums.
 Andrea had a dance recital that we attended and it was a lot of fun! Here Andrea looks like a different race than me...
 Thanksgiving Point Farms had a Baby Animal birthday party with cake! I love my Thanksgiving Point Pass.

 These two look like they're rocking out.
 Garrett's work sponsored a Co-Ed Soccer team. But I refused to play because that's where I broke my foot last year which ruined my life. My feet feel fine now, but I wasn't about to risk it!
So that was May!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mom's 50th Birthday Party

 My mom turned 50! She got breakfast in bed couch and then we go her out of the house to set up her surprise Disney Party!

 I made this 50 with a bunch of pictures from her life and I made the cake. Alex organized the decorations and made Mickey watermelon and rice krispie treats and Ali made Mickey donuts--yum!

I also had all of Mom's siblings write a nice "Mary Memory" and her mom wrote out her birth story.


 We made a bunch of videos reenacting scenes from my Mom's life. They were very funny. The links are at the end of this post!

We also played some fun Disney games and the party ended with my mom stripping a banana and getting a big gift from my Dad--a night at a Disneyland Hotel!!!

 Later, all Mom's siblings came over for burgers and we showed them some of the videos. We got big laughs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jack: 2.5 years old

Jack is almost 2 1/2 years old. He is so so so cute. He is also extremely busy and always trying to run away, color on things, flush things, break things, eat things, and jump off of things. He is getting really good at talking! When he hears a song he likes he comes over to me to tell me, "Mom, I yike dat song." Lizzie is obsessed with him and he is always making her laugh (when he isn't stealing her toys and binky or smothering her with a blanket...)

He recently moved to the big boy bed, since he kept throwing himself out of his crib. He doesn't stay in the bed either, and this has caused PROBLEMS. He just sleeps by his door now because he falls asleep banging his head against it. He says, "Mom? Can you hear me? I wanna get out!!"

He still loves jumping on the trampoline and playing "Dead Man." He tries to get everyone outside to play with him by pushing them and asking them, "Bama? Go outside? Nate? Go outside? Dada? Pease go outside on jumpoline?"

We have had a lot of birthdays lately, which Jack LOVES! He LOVES singing the Happy Birthday song, blowing out candles, and eating Birthday Cake. And he is the official present hander-outer (Sorry Anna!)

He loves to pick up rocks and dirt and throw them. He likes dinosaurs, trains, Anna Elsa Olaf, and Mickey Mouse. He likes Nursery. When I ask what he does in Nursery, he says, "Fruit snack, play doh." His favorite foods are eggs, "abobado" (avocado), chips, cookies, donuts, chex with milk, ice cream, chocolate milk, candy, yogurt, and anything else with sugar. He loves to sing songs. And did I mention he is very cute?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Elizabeth's 6 Month Photoshoot

 My amazing friend Elise took some pictures of Lizzie when she was out to visit. I love how they turned out!

Friday, May 29, 2015

April 2015

This month my big girl got even bigger. She started eating solids (and loves them)

 And she started sitting up a little bit
 Both kids love the indoor pool at the Provo Rec center. Although this day, Jack decided he would rather sit quietly and fold his hands. What in the world.
 Elise came to visit! Lacie, Elise, and I did some good hanging out. We went to the pool and I fancied up my hair like this.
 And we went to the super cool Thanksgiving Point Children's Museum.
 I also attended the Tulip Festival with my mom and a very enthusiastic Anna.
 Jack and I have been playing with sidewalk chalk in my parent's backyard. Can you guess who I drew?
Hint: likes warm hugs...