Friday, December 12, 2014

Jack at 20 Months

As soon as Jack turns 2 I'll stop recording his age in months, but I can't just say he is 1, because there is a huge difference between this Jack:
And this Jack:
My favorite Jack Phrases right now are No Way, which we replace with No Thank You, Yes Mama, Upordown (which is Up Or Down because we've confused him so badly on how he should ask to get up or down), Sizzys Binky (Lizzie's binky), Yep, Poopoo in potty (he likes to sit on the potty toot in it after his bath. It's pretty adorable) and Tankyouurwelcome (Thank you You're Welcome. He says them together and it's just so cute).

Jack likes to move everything in the house around to a different spot. He loves trains (choo choos) and "tractors" (Excavators). Every time we pass a construction site, he says "tractor. Tractor. TRACTOR. MAMA, TRACTOR!" until I acknowledge the tractor. He loves going to parks and will now go down the slide by himself. Every time is sees a football game on TV he says "Touchdown!" and throws his hands in the air.
Enjoying a donut before the game
Sadly, Jack spends a lot of time in time-out these days. He can't stop himself from stealing Lizzie's binky and jumping on her swing (even when she is in the swing).  He goes from being the cutest thing I've ever seen to driving me absolutely crazy and back again all day. I just love him so much!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Barbers with the Brimleys

The Barbers all came to Utah for Thanksgiving. We had the feast with my family in Cedar Hills. Dad smoked a turkey and lots of other food was made and it was great.

 We also played Quidditch and it was great. Susan was an excellent Beater.

 And Lizzie met Mimi!
We had so much fun with the Barbers, except for the rough stomach illness that got Garrett, Logan, and me. We did a fun White Elephant exchange and watched the FSU v Florida game. We also spent a day walking through model houses, which is like going to Disneyland for the Barbers. The visits to Utah are always too short!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

6 Weeks: Elizabeth

Lizzie is a good girl and a great eater (as you can see). She is starting to goo a little bit and has about 5 hour stretches of sleep at night. What more can I ask for?

She has lots of cute outfits. This one sort of makes her look like a lady of the night though:
Hello, sailor
She seriously loves Grandma and Grandpa. Possibly  more than she loves her own parents.
I carry her a lot like this.

Here she is trying on Jack's sleep sack
I love this picture of her in the bath! Her face is so perfect.

Some nicknames we have for her are Lizzie, Bitty, Bitty baby, Ms. Baby, Zissy (Jack's nickname for her). She spits up, but not as badly as Jack. She still has perfect skin (no acne!) She grunts a lot. And she just found herself in the mirror, and she loves looking at herself! She gets a real kick out of it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Elizabeth's Newborn Photoshoot

This was an incredibly stressful day :) Lizzie was 3 days old and had literally not slept at all the night before, which had not happened before and has never happened again. Jack refused to be in any of the pictures and Lizzie would not fall asleep. We were there for four hours and I had made my mom come which I felt bad about (but she was such a huge help--thanks/sorry Mom!) Anyway, I was just exhausted and emotional. But I think some of the pictures turned out well!

 Our family. All hands on Jack to force him to be in the picture :)

 I had such high hopes for this crown, but none of the crown pictures were my favorite.
 All of the Jack pictures are my favorite though :)
Pictures by Jami Broadbent

Elizabeth: Month 1

Can you believe Lizzie is a month old! Garrett had some pictures on his phone of the first time I saw her. These are the pictures where she is really gray:

Compared to a few hours later:
And here she is at two weeks:

4 weeks:
So you can see she is getting fatter! At her two week appointment she weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, which was quite a good weight gain from her birth weight of 7 pound 5 ounces. 

Some facts about Lizzie. She doesn't love the swaddle, but it still does a decent job of getting her to sleep
Her favorite spot is lying on a chest, such as my dad's chest

She has received many gifts, including this amazing sheep quilt, made by my friend Lacey Ross!

Her cousin (once removed) Samuel Groesbeck. He is about a month older than her.

I love to dress her up. She is still mitten-handed.

She is cheering for the Noles. Luckily they are still undefeated.

More dress ups

Cute buns.

Balding up front, lots of hair in the back. And I'm realizing she wears this outfit a lot...

Milk drunk with a lovely scab on her forehead. Guess which brother did that to her? Her own brother, that's who.

Yes, our biggest challenge right now is not sleeping through the night (she does a pretty good job. Goes to sleep from midnight to 4 or 5 and then back to sleep until 7). It's not gas, although she is remarkably gassy. It's not nasty baby acne or scalp yuckiness, because she has perfect skin. Unfortunately Jack is really rough with her. He thinks it is hilarious to run and try to grab her face and rip the binky out of her mouth. He has also bitten her face and her hands and feet. He has sat on her head, which was terrifying. He has thrown the remote at her and dropped toys on her. The problem is, none of it is malicious (as far as we can tell). I don't really think he is jealous or resentful. And he doesn't respond to punishment at all--he loves time out so much he puts himself in it. He loves being chased, and he giggles at spankings. What to do, what to do.

The saddest part is we hardly ever got mad at Jack before, and now I feel like he is in trouble all of the time. I really don't want to be mad or stern with him, but what do I do?
This post represents poor Lizzie's life I think...she gets a little neglected because of Jack. I have been doing a lot of baby-wearing, because she really loves to be held, so hopefully she doesn't realize how much less attention she gets than Jack did at her age :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween Jack was a pumpkin. I made a point not to call him a Jack-O-Lantern. I made the hat!
I made Lizzie this carrot costume, but it wasn't really practical.
Plus she had all these cute Halloween things to wear!

 Garrett dressed up as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. See?

Jack had a lot of fun trick or treating in the Cedar Hills neighborhood. We made it to about 6 houses before he sat down in the middle of the road and started getting out his candy.

His favorite were the Dum Dums. He ate the two you see in his hand at the same time--sticks and all. We couldn't stop him before he ate the sticks. It was a lot of sugar for him, and he was running around like a crazy person for a while afterwards, and then he fell apart and went right to sleep when we got home. A successful Halloween!