Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goofy's Kitchen

Going to Goofy's Kitchen was the best way to get over my Disneyland blues :) It was amazing!
 This was my parents' birthday presents, so it was just my little family and them. It really was great--it was a huge buffet inside the Disneyland Hotel and there were a bunch of characters there the whole time. The only bad thing was the lighting--it was very shadowy. But whatever! It was hilarious to watch the kids interact with the giant characters. Jack was pretty nervous around the chipmunks, but loved everyone else.

 Lizzie wore her Minnie Mouse shirt

Lizzie is ready for more

 The buffet was actually really, really good. I wasn't expecting great food, but wow! Mickey shaped waffles--delicious. Cream cheese bananas foster crepes--YUM. Ice cream machine for breakfast? Don't mind if we do.

My mom wore her birthday button! This button was so magical--every Disney employee said happy birthday to her. Like, in the middle of whatever they were doing they would stop and say it. In line for Tower of Terror (while Derek and Ali watched our kids--thanks guys!) the elevator operator was saying his scary spiel, "Welcome to our HAUNTED hotel. We hope you don't DIE of anticip--Happy Birthday!!!!--ation." 

Anyway, the birthday button got her a free treat at the Blue Bayou and here! And everyone sang to her.  

 The restaurant was super super fun. Every few minutes all the characters would get up and dance and we would all wave our napkins over our head. My dad got a little too enthusiastic and his napkin ended up flying out of his hand, which Goofy made fun of him for later :)

And even though Jack is not smiling in one single picture of our whole trip, I swear he really did like it and I'm not making that part up. He was very excited to show Goofy his little Goofy stuffed animal. And he kept asking for more ice cream for breakfast.

So that was our trip! I seriously can't wait to go back.


We were prepared for Disneyland, clothes-wise
 Especially Princess Lizzie! She got many comments in the park, like "Look at that baby! She's dressed like Snow White! So cute!" and they would wave at her. I really wish I had taught her to wave before the trip. I didn't realize it would be so necessary.

My friend Elise drew this picture of Lizzie in her costume! I got it while I was in line at Disneyland and it was such a nice surprise. I love her chunky legs and the hidden Mickeys in the background. I'm excited to get it printed!

 Best part of the day: Eating at the Blue Bayou! It is the restaurant in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. We thought we would have to split the group up, but we all got seated together right by the water! The food was incredilicious--jalapeno corn bread, Gumbo, and the Monte Cristo sandwich I've been dreaming about.
The day had some rough patches, but it was still really good. I really really wanted to get a picture with Lizzie and Snow White, but it didn't happen. It's a really silly thing to care about, since Lizzie couldn't care less. We didn't get to hang out with the group very much since they got there about an hour earlier and so our fast passes didn't match up. Plus they were just doing the big kid rides and we stuck to the baby rides mostly.

My parents, and a lot of the time Anna, were so great to hang out with us a lot of the time! They also offered to watch the kids while Garrett and I ran off to do a big ride.
 Anna took Jack on another carousel!

Garrett and I got to take Jack on the Dumbo ride together.

Here Jack is talking about the Storybrook River ride, which I had never been on. I thought it was so lame, but Jack loved it and talked about it the rest of the day. You sit in a boat and go through the big whale (or shark as Jack thought it was) and then look and miniature versions of some movies.

One fun part was when I took both kids by myself and went on It's a Small World. I've never really liked that ride, but Jack loved it! So that was fun. I got off the ride and realized my phone was DEAD and I didn't know how to contact the rest of the group. And then I turned around and they were all right there!

Jack enjoyed the Disneyland Electrical Parade, which is very loud and bright. We decided not to stay for the fireworks because Jack was asleep, but I super regret leaving. :( I just have to keep reminding myself that we will go back!

I bought Jack a spinny light up Buzz Lightyear

 As we were leaving the park I had a little meltdown and started crying. I was just so sad to be leaving! The rest of the family had another day at Disneyland but we were leaving to go home. I had just spent so many months getting Jack excited for Disneyland and I had been looking forward to time with Garrett and the kids away from work that I was just so sad it was over.
I know we'll go back though! This is just the beginning of a Disneyland Era in our little family, and I think it's going to be even better next time!

Beach Day!

In between California Adventure and Disneyland we went to the beach and roasted hot dogs
 I was worried Lizzie would hate the beach because she really hated it in Florida. I dressed her in pants so she would get as little sand on herself as possible.
 But I shouldn't have worried because she LOVED it! Maybe it's because she can crawl around now, but she was having the time of her life in the sand. She didn't even eat it like Jack did at her age. She just crawled and crawled.

 And the hot dogs tasted so good. I feel like this was one of the only times on the trip we all got to hang out, since Garrett and I and the kids were in one hotel room and everyone else was in the other. So it was fun to see everyone! I tried to get a game started but someone wanted the fire pit and we had to leave. Luckily we all see each other a lot in Utah :)

California Adventure

I have been so excited for our Brimley California trip for about 8 months straight. I started letting Jack watch movies on his 2nd birthday in February and we watched nearly all of them. His favorites were Frozen, Cars, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 1-3, Monsters, Inc, and The Incredibles (and Sleeping Beauty at the last minute. He loved the dragon). Cinderella, A Bug's Life, and Tarzan were runner ups.

So, Jack was very prepared to go to Disneyland. And I was so, so excited. I was so excited that my family was nervous that it wasn't going to live up to my expectations. 

So the first thing we did when we got to California was actually to go to Magic Mountain for the first time. It was not a kid park:
 But it was really cool! I haven't been able to go on roller coasters in a while, because of back to back pregnancies basically, so it was very thrilling. My parents took the babies in the evening and we were able to go back to the park child free. We went on the CRAZIEST roller coaster we have ever been on where we faced down with the track behind us: 

On Sunday we went to the Reagan museum, and can you believe I didn't take any pictures?? We stayed at the Embassy Suites which is just excellent. The rooms are great and spacious and they serve a huge breakfast.

Then Monday finally came. My parents had early access tickets because they stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel one night. Monday was just California Adventure, which is what I was really excited for because it had Anna and Elsa, Cars Land, and a Pixar Parade. Here we are in line for Early entrance!!
 I was ready with my Elsa shirt and braid, Lizzie had her Elsa shirt, and Jack had his Buzz Lightyear shirt. He kept getting called "Space Ranger" at the park, which I don't think he really got. It is early! Poor Jack.
 First thing first, we ran to meet Anna and Elsa! It was so amazing that we got there early because Anna and Elsa already had a HUGE line of people waiting for the park to open. But I skipped right past all of them.
 Jack showed them his Olaf bucket and gave them big hugs. They were so great!

Then we met Mater and Lightning McQueen at Cars Land! Jack brought his Lightning McQueen backpack and was so ready to meet him.

 Jack kept looking in the characters' mouths to see where the noise was coming from.
 AND THE FIRETRUCK! Jack is obsessed with firetrucks, but this one actually made him a little nervous! One of the workers at this place said "Thank you for the nice cool weather, princess!" to me. This is why I love Disneyland.
 Lizzie enjoyed riding on Bampa's head as we waited for the Toy Story ride. The kids got to sit on our laps for that one.
 Jack is crazy about Carousels.

 The kids were so tired they actually took naps in their strollers.
 Bug's Life land was a huge hit. I knew it would be. There are splash pads and lots of little kid rides.
 We got to meet Olaf and give him a warm hug! Lizzie was all smiles.

Jack really loved him and was so excited to show him his Olaf bucket. One of the workers said "Now you need to get a box with Jack's face on it!"

Another really fun part of the park was the Frozen Sing-a-long live show. It was fun because Garrett and I know all the words to all the songs, and Jack knows most of them. So we all sang our hearts out. During "Let it Go" Elsa made it "snow" and bubbles came out of the ceiling and Jack looked at me like "Can you believe this is happening?!" After it was over, the two older ladies sitting next to us were like "You guys were the stars! You must have little kids because you knew every word!" and that really made my day.

Another awesome part was the Pixar Parade! I just can't believe I don't have any pictures. The parade was all of Jack's favorite movies and he was just jumping up and down and screaming for all of them! "BUZZ! WOODY! NEEEEMMMOOO!!!!!" So the parade people all got a big kick out of him and would always choose to come up to him for a high five. He was a little nervous about the larger than life characters coming up to him.

So it was a pretty perfect day. We got fast passes for just about everything, we saw and did everything I had planned, and Jack really did have a good time. We had Earl of Sandwich for lunch and Ghirardelli ice cream for dinner. The only thing I was sad about was that Jack fell asleep for the World of Color. It was this amazing water show with projected movie clips and songs on it. Jack is crazy about fountains and they had this really amazing Frozen part. We'll just have to go back!