Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break was so lovely. We spent Tuesday through Sunday at my house just relaxing and hanging out with the fam.

Everyone was very exciting. Wednesday we went to Kelli's shower at Aunt Sharlon's house. I am SO MAD that I have to miss her reception! But at least I got to eat this delicious soup, which had HOMEMADE noodles. Drool.
And my mom's pumpkin cake. So good.
The theme for the gifts was "firsts". We gave her a hot chocolate machine...first hot chocolate.
We also played a game where we couldn't say "Jake" or "marriage".

Anna dominated the game.
Of course, we played a couple of games of "Uprising", Garrett's awesome game. Coming to stores soon! As soon as we start selling it.

And I don't have any more pictures. Thanksgiving Day was great, Garrett played 2 football games that morning and I made Yam Souflee. Dave and Erin came to my grandparents' house for dinner...worlds collide. We saw Disney's A Christmas Carol that night, which was a little bit bizzare with Jim Carrey. We also played soccer and basketball as a family, which was super fun. well, the soccer was fun. I interviewed the family for a school project:
Anyway, we are so sad the break is over! There is just so much terrible school left. :(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Night of Chocolate and Romance

Well...not really romance. Last Saturday me and Garrett and our friends Dave, Erin, Mike, and Katie went swimming at the RB. We played basketball! We each guarded our spouse so there wasn't any jealousy :) But it was way fun!
Then we played Iron Chef. The secret ingredient was "heavy whipping cream". I decided to make a cookie dough ice cream pie with an Oreo truffle crust (made of oreo balls). The heavy cream part was in the homemade caramel sauce I made! I burned the first batch (yuk) but the second batch was sooooo goood. Sadly, it didn't really set until the next day, but I've been dipping my finger in caramel sauce mmmm. Anyway, Dave and Erin made a super rich peanut butter and chocolate pudding dish and Katie and Mike made a brownie, whipped cream, pudding trifle. Tyler and Jodi, who joined us, made coconut flan.
Sadly, ours was the last dish to taste and everyone was about to barf by that time. :( But! Still a fun time with friends.
And today is the last day of school!!!! Until Monday. awww man.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oreo Truffle Cake Pops

I gave these to my Visiting Teachee at her Baby Shower along with a BYU onesie :D Garrett said they tasted really good

Garrett's Little Wife

I have been making quite a few homemade stuff lately. Such as:
A Delicious Turkey (for lunchmeat)
A Delicious Homemade Pizza (Sauce: half Ranch Dressing, half BBQ Sauce)
Delicious Cinnamon Rolls
You can see why neither me nor Garrett is probably going to win "Biggest Cruiser"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Super Star

BTW it's my half-birthday! Happy 21 1/2, self!

So, lately I've been told that I look like the girl from Enchanted and the girl from Hot Rod. I mean, not just a couple times. And usually it's someone I don't know doing the telling of this. What do you think?

hmm....I don't really see it

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life After Halloween

We hit some important milestones this week. For one, I had my last soccer game. Go White Lightning! And I got stepped on and kicked much less this game. And we were certainly less humiliated than last game.
Another milestone: Me, Lacie, and Elise had our second singing group practice! Yes, we do that, and Jeff plays the piano for us. We are still trying to come up with a name (the best we came up with so far is "The Zombies". So, we're still working on it).
We have also found some grand new friends, complements of Garrett's ISYS group. Eddy, Miken, Chase, Lindsey, the list goes on (actually, that's pretty much where it ends). Wahoo! Friends!
An anti-milestone in our lives is we cannot find plane tickets to Florida. But we did spend $35 to cancel plane tickets that we didn't want. So...milestone? You decide!