Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Costa Rica: Activities

We did many fun activities while we were in Costa Rica. Most of the Barber siblings went on Hernan's horses (everyone was in love with Hernan--his wife worked at the house). Garrett got a crazy horse, unfortunately--can you see the wild look in his eye? 
 Well, I guess this particular crazy horse did not want to be ridden that day, so he ran off, head-butted Garrett, then bucked him off and stepped on his leg. It was very tramatic. After that, Garret got a "dead" horse that had to be led by a rope to walk. You can see Garrett looks a little more cautious on this horse.

We hiked to many beautiful waterfalls. This one was on the property, and we got to hike up it, which is my favorite thing to do! I must say, my little boy Nurf water shoes have been the best water/hiking shoes ever. 

 This was another waterfall on the property that we walked down. We walked down this one for a very very long time, and we never found the end (it was supposed to end in some kind of magical "pool"). So, it started getting dark, and the bugs started making some very loud and scary noises, so we ran back up. Which was very hard and slippery. Which is why I fell off of one of the rocks and landed on my back in some shallow water! That was SCARY. Luckily Andrea helped slow my fall by grabbing my hand, but I slipped out of her grasp pretty dramatically. Everyone is fine, don't worry :)
 We were coerced into doing the classic "hand-heart on belly" photo.
 Another activity was the jungle tour through Manuel Antonio. This is where we saw the many sloths. We got to spend about 20 minutes on this very beautiful beach.
 Our last hike was the longest and ended in the biggest waterfall! I was kind of a wimp for these hikes, since I am pregnant. Usually I am a wimp on hikes just because I am a wimp :)
 See Garrett in the lower right? He bravely swam over to the large waterfall. Actually, I think nearly everyone but me and Susan and the babies swam over :) So on the way back from this hike, it rained a little and it got very very muddy. Garrett's water shoes had disintegrated (gotta buy name brand, like me and my Nurfs!) Anyway, he walked down barefoot! It was very painful for him.
 One of the main activities in Costa Rica was eating. Eating in Costa Rica means Rice, Meat, and a fried plantain. We had a real Costa Rican cook who came and made dinner for us every night. And yes, I already know I'm spoiled.
 My very favorite activity that I did was zip-lining! It was absolutely amazing.
We were really high in the trees in the forest. We went on about 10 different ziplines and repelled twice. 

 We also got to cross this neat bridge! I thought I would be much more afraid of the whole thing, but I wasn't nervous at all. I still don't know why. I think I was worried that if I got too stressed it would be bad for the baby, and I was already feeling guilty about zip-lining while pregnant, because I doubt that is "doctor approved". I didn't feel like it was dangerous in any way though.

 On one zip-line we went upside down! And, sorry Garrett, but whenever I see this picture the phrase "Big Buns Barber" comes into my head.


So those were our fun activities! The funnest part was just hanging out with everyone though.

Also, if you want to see our family pictures that we took, head on over to Logan's blog, or just click this link:


The Reillys said...

glad you got pics of the horseback riding and zip lining because I will need to steal those for my post.

Emily said...

The ziplines down Provo canyon are disappointingly tame.