Friday, November 8, 2013

Family Pictures Oct 2013

Holy cow, planning family pictures was STRESSFUL. Garrett got this sweater literally 2 hours before we took the pictures, I bought about 3 different shirts just to have "options", and I'm pretty sure Garrett was ready to cancel the pictures if I made him look at one more outfit combo that I set out on the bed. One happy effect of the stress: I think I lost a couple pounds that week :)
We had our pictures taken by Jami Broadbent (the lady who did our bridals way back when). Here is her website: She is so fun and I highly recommend her.
 I really wanted to get some fall colors, and I wasn't disappointed!

 Jack was such a good boy, though it was quite cold, so his nose turned red and I know he wasn't the happiest

 So he was mostly doing his double-fists and "OOOOOH" face

 This last pose was sad...Jack was sitting on the crate, and then suddenly he face-planted into the gravel. He was bleeding a little bit and VERY upset. Jami felt so bad, but it was my fault! I should have had a hand on him! But he turned out ok. And so did the pictures!
If you would like to look at all the pictures, you can go here:


Carly said...

I know I already commented on facebook but who doesn't love more comments! beautiful photos and utah looks beautiful!

The Reillys said...

They turned out awesome! Start planning your outfits now for next time so its not so stressful. Glad you like them!

Erinn Meyer said...

Look at you in skinny's and heels! Hot mama! :)

Rachel Clawson said...

So cute! I love that sweet chair too. Was that yours or the photographers?