Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Months Old

This month, Jack's hair is officially very curly. Especially this one curl.

 He officially has 2 big top teeth with a big space in between. I now call him "Mr. Teeth"
 He would often sit in this patch of grass after we went for a run. He would watch me stretch and try to crawl away from me.
 One day I got him up from his nap and he had tape in his hair. I don't even.

 A serious face while meeting dad for lunch at Firehouse subs.
 Andrea let us borrow this tunnel and he loves to play it in! He will crawl back and forth, back and forth.

 Trying on hats at Target.
 I love his face when he is concentrating on something.
 He loves playing with this activity table at his cousins' house. Jace enjoys playing as well. It's so funny how Jack barely acknowledges Jace's presence--he will just crawl over him.
 Looking good in a sweater and collared shirt.
 I finally got out the "I Spy" quilt that I made in high school. I didn't want to get it out while he was still spitting up so much, but he barely spits up anymore. He was very excited by the quilt and couldn't stop crawling all over it. I think it was a little much for him, because after a few minutes he started squealing and shaking his hands over his head.

Jack really started sleeping through the night this month! He will usually go from 7 pm to 6 am and then back to bed until 8. He uses anything to help him stand up and walk around. He has put his new teeth to use--chomping on my belly! Luckily that only happened a couple times. Whenever I get on the ground to do sit ups or stretch, he races over to me and starts crawling on me. It's like his signal to come attack me. He still LOVES his grandma and his dad--he recognizes pictures of them and gives them a big hug whenever he sees them. And that is pretty much our life right now!


Erinn Meyer said...

Isa and Ren are totally the same way. They just completely ignore each other. We'll see if it's the same way at Christmas. And, seriously, the activity table...worth it's weight in gold.

Katie Matthews said...

With his cute smile, I am calling him Mater.

The Reillys said...

i have that same pic of Ayden and Cambrie playing together at the activity table. It even in the same place in the room and everything!