Monday, March 24, 2014

Garrett Turned 28

 Garrett got a nice surprise for his birthday--his parents came to town for the weekend! Garrett was SO excited for his parents to be here, and we got lots of quality time with them. They took us out to Dave and Cranky's and a movie (Divergent) on his birthday.

The next morning we all met at Golden Corral. Garrett, Zach, and their parents stayed there for 6 hours talking! Jack and I had to leave for naptime.

 We met up later at the park.

Sunday we had my family and Garrett's family over to our apartment for a BBQ and presents, and of course no bake cookies. Garrett got a very nice tennis racquet from my parents, a bunch of Quidditch gear from my siblings, and another wireless charger from his parents. Thanks everybody for making it a great birthday!

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Lacey said...

Happy birthday Garrett! I didn't realize it was his birthday! Does he play tennis?? Philip is always looking for a partner...