Monday, March 17, 2014

Jack's Activities

Jack has many interests these days. He loves reading books. These were birthday books from Mimi!
 He likes posing for the camera.
 Snuggling in his extra big, extra warm sleep sack.
 Swimming lessons! He loves them!

 Baby signing time. He can sign more, baby, eat, all done, sleep, milk, brush teeth. He also claps and blows kisses.

 He loves playing with his toys. He really loves his barn that makes animal noises and Chuck the Truck.
 Curly hair!!
 He enjoys showing off his Baby Legs.
 Playing with other babies!
 Free pancake day at IHOP
Hiding with his treats under the TV.
 Hanging out with Aunts and Uncles!

 Other activities include: taking everything out of every cabinet, splashing his hands in the toilet, going up and down stairs, asking for treats, eating, singing, dancing, napping, crawling but not walking, and hanging out with Grandma. He says dada a lot, and he can sort of say Alex. He says "baba" for "what does a sheep say?" and "mmmmmm" for "what does a cow say?"
His number one activity is just being so cute!

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Lacey said...

Curly hair!!! And red, don't forget. He looks just like your brothers in that last picture!