Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Jack did in March

 Well, Jack is not walking, but he IS taking a few steps! It is so cute.
 Jack officially passed his swimming lesson course, and had a great time! I really don't know why these two weren't smiling, because they had lots of fun.

 Jack's hair is getting exceptionally curly. I have been getting not so subtle hints that it's probably time to cut it. How can I cut off those curls?
 Jack has had fun playing with other babies this month. Hadley, his second cousin, came to play one day. My friend Elise is in town and Jack likes to poke her baby. And my friend Lacey has a baby near his age that he enjoys interacting with.
 Lots of signing this month. Especially this one: cracker. He pats his elbow all the time and then waits for me to give him a cracker, which I always do because it's so cute! He is starting to make up his own signs, but I don't know what they mean. He will just start patting some part of his arm or face and wait for me to understand. Sorry buddy!
Loves his grandpa
 This handsome fellow says a few words: Ahjeez (Alex), dog, "roro" (Rolo), bubba (bubbles), and of course Dada. He can answer what a sheep says, what a cow says, and what a dog says. I don't know how Alex made the list of words he knows, when he won't say "mama" on demand. Another development is he can crawl on the couch now! Not so fun for me, because now he crawls on the couch and pulls my hair. I have no escape from the hair pulling. He also falls off the couch. I have to lock him into his high chair, because a couple times I have looked over at him and he's sitting on his tray! He is having more tantrums these days, and I think it's just because he's bored. Soon it will be warm enough to go outside, sweet man!

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Erinn Meyer said...

How funny, I just signed up for swimming today!